Annmarie Gatti is a Senior Marketing Executive with more than 20 years of experience in developing, implementing, and managing all physical and digital business aspects of marketing for top-tier corporations.  Currently, Ms. Gatti serves as President of Gatti Entertainment Marketing, a successful start-up consultancy specializing in integrated marketing strategies, brand management, social media marketing, channel marketing, website development and operational optimization. Her clients include Atari, City Lights Home Entertainment, Empire Merchants, Entertainment One, Classic Movie Hub, OutdoorMash and SUNY Purchase College.  Prior to founding Gatti Entertainment Marketing, Ms. Gatti served as the Senior Director of Marketing for SONY BMG, where she led the marketing strategy development and deployment for the Home Entertainment Group, successfully managing high-profile franchises including World Wrestling Entertainment, Classic Media, Shout Factory, Sesame Street, Hasbro and MTV in addition to managingmulti-platinum artist releases including Tony Bennet, Kenny Loggins and John Lithgow. Ms. Gatti’s previous employment includes Director of Release Planning for Epic Records, where she oversaw production and operations across all labels, artists and releases.  Ms. Gatti holds a Professional Certificate in Web Development and a Professional Certificate in Digital Media Marketing from New York University, and Google AdWords Advertising Professional Certification.

She has also served as Executive Producer for 1 Minute Workout DVD (#2 of the Top Ten Fitness DVDs of the Year, Fitness January 2007) and Transformers: The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD (special features) (Top Ten Billboard debut, Billboard DVD Sales Chart, December 2, 2006; rated as “masterful” and a “10 out of 10”, November 2006).


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